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Issues in Professional Discipline Investigations: Tips + Traps

Effective professional discipline investigations are fundamentally important to the professional discipline process. The information that is obtained is used to make decisions about complaints that are received, including whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed to a hearing. It is critically important for investigators or others who are involved in receiving and managing complaints to understand the legal issues that can arise during the course of an investigation, since the failure to properly manage these issues can create unintended consequences.

Presented by Katrina Haymond and Leanne Monsma of the Field Law Professional Regulatory Group, this webinar will focus on several difficult situations that can arise during the course of an investigation. The presenters will outline some of the traps that regulators may fall into, as well as tips for preventing and managing these situations. Issues that will be addressed include:

  • Avoiding allegations of bias against the investigator
  • What to do when a member fails to cooperate with the investigation
  • What to do when the complainant or a witness fails to cooperate with the investigation
  • Conducting an investigation when there are parallel proceedings
  • Investigating new issues or concerns not identified in the original complaint
  • Conducting undercover investigations
  • Responding to requests to maintain the confidentiality of information submitted by the complainant or witnesses

Who should attend? This webinar is designed for all individuals or committee members involved in receiving, managing or investigating complaints.  Individuals or committee members involved in discipline hearings are also welcome.

Original broadcast: September 19, 2018

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