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Field Law Announces Northwest Territories Winners of its 6th Annual Community Fund Program
Program to contribute $15,000 to three organizations in the Northwest Territories

YELLOWKNIFE (July 20, 2018) – Field Law, a western and northern regional law firm, is pleased to announce the Northwest Territories winners of the Field Law Community Fund Program (the Program). This is Field law’s sixth year of supporting local community programs in Southern Alberta, Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Field Law has awarded one grand prize and two additional awards to community projects in the Northwest Territories.

The Community Fund Program provides monetary support to community initiatives in the markets that Field Law operates. In 2018, a total of $75,000 will be distributed to programs in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. This year’s grand prize winner for the Northwest Territories is the Délįnę Got’įnę Government, with additional awards granted to the Food First Foundation and YWCA NWT. 

The 2018 Program received 80 applications and 23,550 votes in total. Winners of the Program are decided by a community judging panel and a public voting system. 

Field Law is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2018 Community Fund Program:

Délįnę Got’įnę Government: Délįnę Summer Camp Program – GRAND PRIZE WINNER - $9,000

Délįnę Got’įnę Government is striving to provide at-risk youth with programs that are fun, exciting, technology-free and intellectually stimulating. The vision of the Délįnę Got’įnę Government is a Summer Camp Program for youth. These camps will run for four weeks and take place during July and August. Themes for the camps will include both traditional and western knowledge, and will focus on be music/arts, science, on-the-land activities, and sports. The community of Délįnę is continuing to work to recovery from cultural genocide during the residential school era, and the Summer Camp Program looks to assist in this.

Food First Foundation: School Gardening in the NWT - $3,000

The Food First Foundation is dedicated to supporting nutritional education programs, as well as an appreciation for healthy lifestyles among youth. This organization would like to grow their school gardening program through providing more indoor gardens to schools, and expanding the gardens that already exist, which would allow for a wider variety of crops. The Food First Foundation will encourage schools to partner with community members to share knowledge and the experience of gardening.

YWCA NWT: Learning Through the Lens: $3,000

The YWCA’s youth photography club provides youth with the opportunity to pursue their creative passions, develop relationships within the community and learn fundamental skills of photography. The “Learning Through the Lens” program will benefit youth between the ages of 9-18, including some considered to be “at-risk”. Youth in the Northwest Territories have been found to experience feelings of isolation and depression, and the YWCA NWT looks to alleviate this through an engaging extra-curricular activity.


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