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The correct interpretation of an insurance policy can be a complicated matter with the potentially disastrous consequences if an error is made.

Field Law provides coverage advice to insurers and insured across North America and the United Kingdom and our opinions have addressed insurance coverage problems from across the common law provinces and territories.

Our team has developed a depth of experience in the legal principles applicable to all types of insurance and a deep understanding of the insurance jurisprudence in common law Canada. With a dedicated research lawyer who has been analyzing insurance coverage problems and providing coverage opinions for insurance clients since 2002, the teams’ experience includes:

  • Auto insurance (owned auto, non-owned auto, garage policy, SEF 44, inter-provincial coverage issues)
  • CGL insurance (duty to defend, duty to indemnify priority among multiple insurers, subrogation)
  • Homeowner insurance and commercial property insurance
  • Pollution liability
  • Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance
  • Professional errors and omissions insurance (duty to defend, scope of “wrongful acts” coverage, claims made and reported and coverage retroactivity)
  • Inland marine insurance, and
  • Title insurance.
Roadway Construction Ltd. v. ING Western Union Insurance Co., 2008 ABQB 367, Alberta Court of Queen's Bench