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Teresa Tomkinson
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Teresa Tomkinson is an Edmonton-based general solicitor focused on commercial leasing, lending, sales and property acquisitions for large corporate clients, large banks and commercial lenders, land developers, national and provincial landlords, retail tenants and entrepreneurs throughout Alberta. In addition, she collaborates with lawyers to serve clients in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

While the transactions for leasing, lending and financing may seem to be repetitive, the reality is that each agreement is different and must reflect client priorities. Teresa takes the time to clearly define and check the clients’ priorities and objectives to ensure they are reflected in agreements.

Her clients value her efficient and client-focused approach and appreciate her dedication to understanding what is unique to them and their business. For example, a growing global concern over environmental impacts of buildings has led to many clients investing in achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for their commercial assets. Add the implementation of a Carbon Tax, and many landlords are amending their leasing agreements and moving towards "green leases." Teresa works closely with clients to ensure their priorities are reflected in all their agreements.

Teresa’s areas of practice include:

  • Business
  • Banking and finance
  • Commercial law
  • Commercial land development
  • Commercial lending and financing
  • Commercial sales and property acquisitions
  • Leasing
  • Real estate property law

Teresa articled with Field Law and then joined the firm in 1999.

Value to Clients

"I am collaborative and I believe my job is to be an extension of the client and to help them succeed by arriving at the best solutions possible."

Outside the Office

Teresa is a proud mother of three girls, all of whom play basketball and other sports. She sits on the board for the Strathcona Basketball Association but when she’s not busy with her kids’ sports and volunteering, she enjoys travelling.

Canadian Bar Association Alberta, Real Property Section (North)
1999 - Present
Canadian Bar Association Alberta, Commercial Leasing and Tenancies Law Section (North)
1999 - Present
Listed Banking + Finance Law
The Best Lawyers™ in Canada
2023 - 2024
Stikeman, Elliott & Carswell National Tax Award
Dean's List - Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
1997 & 1998
Jones de Villar's Prize in Administrative Law
Juris Radze Memorial Prize - Faculty of Law
University of Alberta
Dean's List - Faculty of Arts
University of Alberta
Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity
1996 - Present
The George Spady Centre
2009 - 2012
The George Spady Centre
Chair of Personnel Committee
2002 - 2006
The George Spady Centre
1999 - 2006

Assisting client financial relationships during a recession

  • In 2008, Teresa worked with an Alberta oilfield services equipment provider whose lender called their loan and gave them only 30 days to pay. At the time, many financial lenders in Alberta were worried about oilfield industries and decided they didn’t want to take on the risk. Her client was facing bankruptcy if they could not find a lender who would take on their loan in a very short time period and one that would allow the financial structure to be successful in the current economic climate.

    Teresa assisted the client with finding two lenders; one who agreed to cover the bulk of the loan and another one who covered a small percentage, as neither of the lenders wanted to the take over the entire loan.

    Teresa helped her client negotiate and structure a financial relationship that worked for all parties, and ensured both lenders could have security but the client could proceed in a fashion that allowed them to weather the economic uncertainty. Teresa’s client successfully came through the 2008 recession and has since achieved a record number of profits.

Drafting easement agreements in the North

  • In 2012, Teresa worked with a large commercial developer in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Her client needed to prepare various easements for access, use and utilities, which would affect multiple properties. The Northern climate impacts the way infrastructure is developed, which poses complications for the drafting of easements. For example, permafrost means that utilities are not run underground in many areas - but rather above-ground - which can impact development. The statutory legislation in the Northern territories is applied differently than in other provinces, and the Registrar in the North requires different procedures in how easement agreements are drafted and registered. Teresa and her team engaged legal counsel in the North and worked very closely with the Registrar to understand the procedure, and then successfully drafted the easement agreements.
University of Alberta, 1998, Bachelor of Laws With Distinction
University of Alberta, 1994, Bachelor of Arts With Distinction