Lisa Statt Foy
Lisa Statt Foy
Lawyer, Trademark Agent
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Lisa Statt Foy is a Calgary-based lawyer and trademark agent providing services in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, trusts, and intellectual property. Lisa is a trademark agent licensed to not only file and prosecute Canadian trademark applications, but also licensed to file and prosecute United States trademark applications for Canadian clients. As an estate lawyer and an intellectual property lawyer, she is uniquely qualified to assist with succession planning: ensuring a seamless transition of wealth, business assets and technology for high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurial families, business owners and successful professionals. 

Lisa’s trademark and intellectual property practice covers many different industries and geographic areas. Because Lisa is qualified to file and prosecute trademark applications in both Canada and the United States, her clients frequently have cross-border interests and issues, including internet based businesses, online retailers and brand owners with global interests. As a trusted advisor, Lisa routinely works with counsel all over the world to protect and enforce her clients’ interests. Lisa’s extensive global network of professionals allows her to assist clients with issues transcending conventional borders.

Lisa was selected for articles of clerkship with both the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, providing her with a unique perspective and experience in legal analysis, advocacy and persuasive writing.  

Clients seek Lisa’s counsel in many different areas, including:

  • Drafting Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys and Personal Directives
  • Estate probate and estate administration
  • Trust drafting and administration
  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning, including for blended families
  • Intergenerational wealth and technology transfer
  • Incapacitated (represented) adults
  • Trademark protection, enforcement and licensing
  • Intellectual property protection, enforcement and licensing, including copyright law
  • Internet law  

Lisa is a course instructor: educating other lawyers in the areas of advanced Will drafting, estate administration and digital assets through the Legal Education Society of Alberta. Lisa has also been a guest lecturer in Intellectual Property at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), Mount Royal University, and the Alberta Association of Architects.  

Outside the Office

Lisa is a former explorer, having lived and worked all over the world, including Europe, Australia and Israel. However, Lisa now most enjoys quiet weekends spent with her family. 

Legal Education Society
Instructor: Advanced Will and Trust Drafting Course
Legal Education Society of Alberta
Instructor: Drafting your First Will
Canadian Bar Association Alberta, Wills and Trusts (South)
2005 - Present
Canadian Bar Association Alberta, Intellectual Property & Technology (South)
2005 - Present
Law Society of Alberta
2005 - Present
Canadian Bar Association Alberta, Elder Law Section (South)
Executive Committee
2007 - 2009
Canadian Bar Association
2005 - Present
Calgary Bar Association
2005 - Present
Listed Intellectual Property Law
The Best Lawyers™ in Canada
2019 - 2020
Judges' Bronze Medal in Law
University of Alberta Faculty of Law
William Morrow Essay Prize
Alberta Law Review
Alberta Law Reform Institute
Research Assistant
2002 - 2004
International Ombudsman Institute
2002 - 2004
Student Legal Services
Case Worker
2001 - 2004
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Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners, 2018, Diploma
United States, 2013, Trade Mark Agent
Canada, 2008, Trade Mark Agent
University of Alberta, 2004, Bachelor of Laws, Bronze Medalist
University of Alberta, 1994, Bachelor of Arts, With Distinction