Lisa Callas
Lisa Callas
Chief Operating Officer
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With over two decades of expertise in harnessing strategy, technology, policy, and processes to enhance business operations in the public and not-for-profit sectors, our Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Callas, is a seasoned business professional.

Her experience spans roles as a performance auditor, strategic planner, and business analyst, accumulating over 15 years of direct involvement in developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies and initiatives from both operational and oversight perspectives. She has adeptly navigated complex political and operational landscapes, demonstrating a unique ability to build consensus among diverse stakeholders. 

Armed with a deep toolbox of skills and knowledge including enterprise performance measures, project management, change management, and communication strategy, Lisa is a proficient risk management professional capable of designing and assessing processes to mitigate organizational risks tied to strategic goals and performance. Recognized for her interdisciplinary education, skills, and experience, she confidently connects disconnected elements of a problem, engineers’ outcomes, and maps multiple alternatives through intricate, ambiguous situations to achieve desired results. 

Lisa is a curious thinker with an inherent drive to understand the “So What?” of information. She is a leader who connects and reconnects dots to make sense of complexity and create meaning for self and others. She is an innovator who values and embraces diversity of knowledge, perspectives, talent, and experiences to develop solutions and drive improvement.

Outside the Office

Lisa enjoys camping and fishing in the summer and is on a continuous improvement journey with her motorcycle skills. She loves to read and spends many winter evenings with a fun book in a comfy chair in front of a fireplace. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and extra-friendly labrador retriever.

Association of Local Government Auditors
Board Member & Committee Chair
2016 - 2022