Kimberly Precht
Kimberly Precht
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Kimberly Precht is an Edmonton-based lawyer practicing primarily in the areas of professional regulatory law, general litigation and labour and employment law. She works with a broad range of clients, including individuals, businesses of all sizes, public institutions, and post-secondary institutions, and provides support to employees and employers across a variety of industry sectors.  

As a lawyer, Kimberly focuses from the start on understanding her clients’ context and goals. Kimberly enjoys learning about the challenges and opportunities clients face, and always strives to figure out what is really at stake for her clients. She works hard to ensure clients fully grasp relevant legal issues, and helps craft and implement solutions that are legally and practically sound.  

Kimberly is able to assist clients with a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Consulting and advising on termination and layoff situations for both employers and employees
  • Assisting with the development of human resource policies for small to mid-sized businesses
  • Assisting professional regulatory organizations in areas such as registration, discipline, policy, and governance

Outside the Office

Before studying law, Kimberly worked on a vegetable farm, at a grocery store, as a river guide, and as a performer and coach with a local circus company. She also lived and worked in Cairo, Egypt, for a year when she was 18. Kimberly continues to be involved with Edmonton’s Firefly Theatre & Circus. She has an abiding interest in legal issues related to water and land use, which is perhaps unsurprising given how much Kimberly enjoys walking, running, biking, and canoeing through Edmonton’s river valley and the province’s wild places.

1985 Sawridge Trust v Alberta (Public Trustee), 2019 ABCA 244
1985 Sawridge Trust v Alberta (Public Trustee), 2019 ABCA 243
June 5, 2024
Discipline Tribunal Essentials: Fundamental Skills
Virtual Workshop
Members of regulated professions who serve on discipline tribunals must navigate an increasingly complex environment when fulfilling their role under their governing statutes. Join Gregory Sim, Kimberly Precht and Vivian Stevenson, KC&nb...
May 29, 2024
Whose Lane Is It Anyway?
Join Field Law’s Professional Regulatory Group and your professional regulatory colleagues for our spring roundtable.Professional regulatory bodies, whether small or large, are complex organizations with mandates to govern professions in the publ...
March 2024 - 4 min read
What Kind of Signature is Required?
CPHR Alberta Newsletter
In today's digital age, HR professionals face critical decisions regarding the use of electronic versus traditional wet ink signatures for employee documents. This choice hinges on legal compliance, security, and the specific requi...
January 2024
Field Law Welcomes New Partners
Field Law is delighted to announce the addition of three new partners to the firm effective January 1, 2024.Kristin Yarish, based in Calgary, and Kim Precht, situated in Edmonton, have been promoted to the position of partners, marking a significant mi...
August 2023 - 4 min read
Human Rights Claims After Termination of Employment: A Valid Release Puts the Past in the Past
Workwise Newsletter
Signing a release – or requiring an employee to sign one – should never be taken lightly. Nearly 25 years ago, the Alberta courts clarified that while an employee cannot contract out of their human rights protections, an em...
October 2022 - 3 min read
Two Words Too Many? Drafting Termination Provisions in an Employment Contract is Delicate Work
Workwise Newsletter
A recent decision from the Alberta Court of Appeal offers a good reminder of the care employers need to take when drafting termination provisions. In Bryant, three employees whose employment was terminated on 60 days’ notice argued they had...
June 14, 2022
Call the Expert! What Regulators Need to Know About Retaining + Instructing Expert Witnesses
Join the Field Law Professional Regulatory Group and your professional regulatory colleagues for our first lunch time roundtable in a couple of years! This roundtable is designed to help complaints directors and other regulatory professionals better un...
May 27, 2022
Getting Ready for Bill 23: Alberta’s Professional Governance Act
Bill 23 was introduced by the Alberta Government on May 2, 2022. As we previously reported, the Bill will bring major changes for 22 professional regulatory organizations in Alberta.Join James Casey, KC, Katrina Haymond, Gregory Sim...
January 25, 2022
2021 - A Year in Review: Labour + Employment (Part 1)
Join members of our Labour + Employment Group for our annual Year in Review, which focuses on legal updates for management and employee groups.Part 1 of this series covered Labour and Occupational Health + Safety. To view the recording for Part 2,...
June 2021 - 5 min read
SCC to Revisit the Issue of Delay in Administrative Proceedings
Perspectives for the Professions
“Justice delayed is not always justice denied.” (Abrametz at para 171) For over twenty years, the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Blencoe v British Columbia (Human Rights Commission), 2000 SCC 44, has been the lea...
March 2020
COVID-19 + The Duty to Report
Perspectives for the Professions
On March 17, 2020, Alberta declared a state of public health emergency “due to pandemic COVID-19 and the significant likelihood of pandemic influenza”.While in the normal course, a patient’s right to privacy is paramount, in the face ...
Winter 2020
2019 - A Year in Review Seminar Series
Join the Field Law Labour + Employment Group for our annual seminars featuring legal updates and practical challenges for management and employee groups.Part 1 has been approved for 1.75 CPD hours and Part 2 has been approved for 2.25 CPD hou...
July 2019
Reality Check: Can You Contract Out of Being an Employer?
Workwise Newsletter
With great power comes great responsibility. Certainly this is true of employer-employee relationships, where the power imbalance generally tips in favour of the employer. Employers are responsible for providing training and supervision to employees, c...
January 2019
Year in Review: Important Professional Regulatory Cases of 2018
Learn about the most important professional regulatory Court cases of the past year. What are the key legal trends? What are the strategic and operational implications for regulators? Presented by James Casey, KC and Kim Precht...
University of Alberta, 2013, Juris Doctor, With Distinction
University of Alberta, 2006, Bachelor of Arts, With Distinction