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Julie Shepherd
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With an innate sense of justice, Julie Shepherd is fascinated with the legal process and how the law is applied. She uses this interest to help businesses navigate commercial disputes and mitigate future risks.

Clients look for Julie's guidance when they haven't been paid what they are owed, their reputation and the profits of their business are at risk or when they should have had better drafted contracts, either with suppliers, clients or employees. Learning about how her client's business works is essential to Julie's approach to practicing law. Her commitment to learning and tenacity helps Julie provide good representation and identify creative solutions. Her experience working with directors, officers and their management teams across a range of industries serves her clients well.

Insurance companies also seek Julie's help with complex claims in the areas of automobile, home, products liability, commercial general liability, director's and officer's liability and professional liability. She has extensive court appearances and has represented clients at trial in Provincial Court and the Court of King's Bench. Julie understands that court is not always the best solution and, when appropriate, will rely on alternative forms of dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation, to resolve matters.

Value to Clients

"Litigation is an expensive process, so from the outset, I make sure I understand the client's ideal outcome so that I can help them realize their objectives. I take the time to explain the value and cost of each step in the process. I lay out all the options available to the client. Still, I will sometimes say that I don't recommend a particular approach if the benefits don't outweigh the cost. By keeping an eye on costs, I ensure my clients aren't just successful, but that they also don't end up spending more on legal fees than they are awarded."

Outside the Office

Even when not in the office, Julie can be found 'relaxing' by reading court transcripts of cases in the news. However, even the most dedicated lawyer needs to take a break, and Julie regularly enjoys spending time in the mountains with her young family. She is an avid hiker and snowboarder.

Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (Bar Admission Program)
Instructor and Evaluator
2017 - 2019
Alberta Law Day
Mock Trial Coordinator
2014 - 2016
Pro Bono Law Alberta
Small Claims Duty Counsel
2012 - 2014
Certificate of Distinguished Public  Service
Western State University College of Law
1L Moot Court Finalist
Western State University College of Law
Law Review Editor
Western State University College of Law
Marda Loop Communities Association
Development Committee Member
2021 - Present

Resolving a Dispute with No Contract

A manufacturing client in the construction industry agreed to supply prefabricated cabinets to a commercial developer. The client hired a subcontractor to complete this work. A dispute arose when the client refused to pay the subcontractor for the cabinets, which he claimed were defective due to measurement errors. The client did not have a written contract with the subcontractor, and there was disagreement over the agreed-upon measurements.

By using indirect evidence, including text messages, emails, and public records relating to industry standards, we built a solid defence with our client. We also obtained valuable evidence when we questioned the subcontractor under oath.

In the end, we resolved the dispute with the subcontractor, and the subcontractor withdrew the claim against our client. Our client avoided lengthy litigation and was left better equipped to mitigate the risk of another dispute in the future.

Western State University College of Law, 2010, Juris Doctor
University of Calgary, 2007, Bachelor of Arts