Jordan Lalonde
Jordan Lalonde
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Jordan Lalonde is a lawyer in our Calgary office with a focus on insurance law and alternative dispute resolution. 

He chose a career in law driven by his passion for problem-solving and analyzing complex issues to find efficient solutions. He is excited about the prospect of building a client-centred practice where he can engage with new people to help them solve their problems. With a background as a business analyst at a large Calgary-based corporation, Jordan believes he will be particularly effective in assisting clients with business law matters.

What sets him apart from competitors is his understanding of the human aspect of legal services. He genuinely enjoys connecting with people, empathizing with their needs, and creating a comfortable and supportive environment. By ensuring his clients feel valued, heard, and at ease, Jordan can provide them with tailored solutions, especially during challenging legal proceedings. Moving forward in his legal career, he is eager to continue learning and expanding his knowledge to effectively address a wide range of issues for his clients, making a positive impact in their lives.

Value to Clients

"My client philosophy centres around providing exceptional legal representation and prioritizing the well-being and interests of my clients. I understand and value the customer service side of legal work and do what I do because I find great joy in helping others solve their issues. I want to be known as a trusted lawyer who clients feel comfortable dealing with as they know they will be valued and have their legal needs met."

Outside the Office

When he is not in the office, his greatest passions revolve around exploring mountains and traveling. Following his completion of law school, Jordan went to the Himalayas in Nepal to scale mountains and to teach English to young Buddhist monks. In addition to his mountain pursuits, he enjoys golf, basketball, and playing the guitar.

Rolwaling Monastery School
English Teacher, Volunteer
TRU Business Law Society
2021 - 2022
TRU Business Law Society
Vice President
2019 - 2021
Helpful Neighbour
President and Founder
2020 - 2021
Fresh Routes
Warehouse Volunteer
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Thompson Rivers University, 2022, Juris Doctor
Mount Royal University, 2018, Bachelor of Business Administration
Nepali (Limited working proficiency)