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John Gilbert
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John Gilbert is a Calgary-based lawyer with Field Law, serving clients throughout the province. John’s clients range in scope and industry area, and include private individuals, small, medium and large-sized businesses. Typically, John’s clients are based within the insurance industry, where he acts on behalf of insurers throughout the claims process. John’s insurance work is varied, and has seen him provide support with a wide variety of claims, including: casualty, motor vehicle, property loss, personal injury, employment claims, and condominium disputes, and others as required. John has appeared at all levels of Court in Alberta, and has also appeared on behalf of clients at administrative tribunals and hearings. 

Beyond his insurance practice, John works with clients throughout the dispute resolution process. John’s counsel throughout these contentious situations allows his clients to find an acceptable solution sooner rather than later, without additional litigation costs. In this field, John works with clients across a number of industries.

Clients come to John for support on a number of specific issues, including:

  • Counsel regarding procedural issues relating to the Rules of Court
  • Support around occupier’s liability issues
  • Advice for property owners around third-party liability
  • Guidance throughout product liability issues
  • Counsel regarding condominium insurance priorities
  • Counsel for condominium boards and unit owners

When working with clients, John’s style is knowledgeable and approachable, and this demeanor also extends to opposing counsel. Because John understands the value of preserving amicable relations throughout the duration of court proceedings, and beyond, he works to advocate on a client’s behalf in a way that is forceful yet respectful. Preserving relations throughout court proceedings allows clients the opportunity to secure a
business-oriented resolution to their original issue, with a focus on the future.

Value to Clients

“My value to clients comes from my experience in Court. I’ve run numerous trials, hearings, and applications, and am familiar with the process at all levels of Court in Alberta. I am a confident, effective oral advocate for my clients, and am comfortable appearing in Court or other resolution venues on their behalf. It’s this confidence – supported by solid knowledge of procedure and protocol – which allows me to increase my
client’s chances for success.”

Outside the Office

When John is away from his desk, he is usually spending time with family and friends, traveling, or indulging his love of baseball. An avid fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, John can often be found watching a game on a warm Calgary patio with friends. John’s love of travel has seen him take many cross-country road trips – including driving down to Arizona from Calgary by car!

Law Society of Alberta
2010 - Present
Canadian Bar Association
2010 - Present
Andres v. Superior Power Products Limited, 2017 ABPC 138, Alberta Provincial Court
Jordan v. De Wet, 2016 ABCA 366, Alberta Court of Appeal
UCANU Manufacturing Corp v Jardeg Construction Services Ltd., 2015 ABCA 371, Alberta Court of Appeal
Ho v. Security National Insurance Company, 2015 ABPC 202, Alberta Provincial Court
Bustos v. Tardif, 2015 ABQB 202, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench
Gordon v. Elves, 2014 ABPC 147, Alberta Provincial Court
Cabrera v. Steed, 2013 ABPC 361, Alberta Provincial Court
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University of Alberta, 2010, Bachelor of Laws
University of Alberta, 2006, Bachelor of Education With Distinction