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As a long-time Edmonton member of the firm’s Litigation Group, Greg Harding has a wide-ranging, respected practice in both Alberta and the Northwest Territories. His clients likewise range from individuals and families; to corporations; to institutional and public sector clients, including government.

Clients seek Greg's help in areas of the law such as:

  • Estate disputes, including contested wills, will interpretation, powers of attorney, passing of accounts.
  • Post-secondary education matters for universities and colleges (for example, governance and policy, donations, trusts and endowments and student issues, including discipline and academic affairs).
  • Pension matters and issues in both the private and public sectors (for example, policy advice and opinion work and representation in contested matters).
  • Constitutional and Administrative law, including Charter of Rights and Human Rights and regulatory matters.
  • Commercial matters, including corporate and shareholder disputes, insurance issues and construction litigation.
These areas have Greg representing clients before a variety of boards and tribunals as well as in the courts. He also promotes and regularly participates in mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution procedures, including judicial dispute resolution.
Greg is currently Co-Chair of the Field Law Post-Secondary Summit, which is one of the pre-eminent conferences on legal issues facing post-secondary institutions. Greg has been involved with the Summit since its inception in 2016, acting as Co-Chair in its inaugural year and as a Committee Member in 2017.

Value to Clients

Greg draws on over 30 years of experience helping clients address problems through advice and negotiation and, where necessary, before the courts and administrative tribunals. Clients appreciate his responsive approach as well as his ability to quickly master facts and issues.
He is a team-player who puts an emphasis on being responsive to clients and those with whom he works. He also values what professionalism and civility can bring to the table in solving problems. As he puts it, "having lawyers on each side who can effectively communicate with one another is typically of great benefit to clients -- particularly so in contentious matters or wherever there are strained relationships."
"The client’s problem becomes our problem." Relying upon hard work, Greg seeks to put himself in the shoes of his clients, to effectively master the facts and issues, and to chart an effective path to resolution. In litigation matters, this typically means that Greg’s goal is not to get to court but, instead, to use the litigation process and associated measures as a way of arriving at practical and creative solutions.

Outside the Office

Complementing his appreciation for "all things music", Greg and his wife are keen travellers -- be it trips afar or hitching-up their tear-drop RV for North American destinations. In either case, he will likely have packed his blues harmonica just in case an opportunity for an impromptu jam arises.
Canadian Pensions and Benefits Institute (CPBI)
Canadian Forum on Civil Justice
Centre for Constitutional Studies
Associate Member
Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ), Advisory Board
Canadian Bar Financial Corporation (CBAF), Board of Directors
Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association (CLIA), Advisory Board
Canadian Bar Insurance Association
2005 - 2007
Canadian Bar Insurance Association (CBIA), Board of Directors
Canadian Bar Association Alberta
1997 - 1998
Canadian Bar Association Alberta, Executive Committee
1994 - 1999
Queen's Counsel
Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™
2013, 2016 - 2019
Canadian Bar Association (National) - Douglas Miller Award
Canadian Bar Association - Alberta Branch President's Award
CBA West Conference
Committee Member
2019 - 2019
CBA West Conference
Committee Member
2017 - 2017
Public Foundation for Art and Life
2009 - Present
Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
2010 - 2015
Alberta Court of Appeal Centennial Symposium
Chair, Dinner and CBA Program
2014 - 2014
Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
Co-Chair, Ethics and Civility Program
2014 - 2014
Alberta Treasury Board and Finance "Joint (AB-BC) Legal Consulative Committee"
Committee Member
Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
Co-Chair, Annual Conference "The Courts and Beyond"
2012 - 2012
University of Alberta
Member, Law Campaigns Kick-Off Gala Committee
1995 & 2008 - 1995 & 2008
Canadian Bar Association Alberta
Mid-Winter Meeting Committees
1995 - 2003
Canadian Bar Association (National)
Annual Conference Chair
1999 - 1999
Wills Week Steering Committee
1996 - 1998
Canadian Bar Association, Law Day
1993 - 1994
Canadian Bar Association Alberta
Mid-Winter Meeting Chair
1993  - 1993
Inclusion Conference "Making it Work Together"
1991 - 1991
Joint Law Society & CBA Annual Meetings
Substantive Program Chair
1988 & 1989 - 1988 & 1989
Aldergrove Community League
Member, Playground Committee
1984 - 1986


  • Jane Doe v. Alberta (Deputy Minister of Executive Council), 2016 ABQB 135 – Judicial review of decision under government Directive
  • Doe v. Alberta, 2014 ABCA 188 – Dissolution of interim Injunction re “Sunshine” salary disclosure
  • Lac La Biche (County) v. Bochkarev, 2009 ABQB 400 – Municipal conflict of interest
  • Gibbs v. City of Edmonton, 2003 ABCA 138 – Municipal development negligence
  • Anderson v. Twin Rivers School, (1994) 25 Admin. L.R. (201) 20 – Judicial review of termination decision



  • Dalla Lana v University of Alberta, 2013 ABCA 327 – Judicial review of student discipline decision
  • Pridgen v. University of Calgary, 2012 ABCA 139 – Challenge to student discipline decision, including on Charter grounds
  • Dickason v. University of Alberta, [1992] 2 S.C.R. 1103 – Mandatory retirement


  • Calder v. Alberta, [2017] A.J. No. 208 – Pension benefit challenge.
  • Alberta Federation of Labour et al v. Alberta (Minister of Finance) et al, 2008 ABQB 274 – Practice and procedure in judicial review of pension Board determination
  • Holowa Estate, 2011 ABQB 23 – Pension benefit entitlement
  • Ms. R. v. Mr. W., 2006 ABQB 819 – Pension eligibility



  • Domke v. AECB, 2008 ABCA 232 – Seeking of leave re licensing appeal
  • Kelly  v. Alberta (Energy and Utilities Board), 2008 ABCA 52 – Seeking of leave re licensing appeal
  • Scozzfava v. Prosperi, 2003 ABQB 248 – Corporate dissolution
  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. v. Babcock & Wilcox Canada Ltd., (Oct.16, 1992 unreported) – Contract specifications and performance
  • Canadian National Railway Company v. Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd., (1991) 48 C.L.R. 134 – Contract specifications and performance
December 2018
2018 Field Law Post-Secondary Summit Recap
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2018 Field Law Post-Secondary Summit
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2017 Field Law Post-Secondary Summit
Join us for our second annual summit to focus and collaborate on legal issues facing Alberta's post-secondary institutions. Click here to view the brochure.  Click here to register.   
February 2017
Pension Potpourri
September 2013
Pridgen v. University of Calgary: Reflections on the Application of the Charter
July 2012
Pridgen v. University of Calgary, 2012 ABCA 139
Pensions and Benefits - Legal Review and Update
November 2006
Tis the Season for (Responsible) Social Hosting
November 2005
Judicial Review of University Administrative Tribunals
Co-Author: Katie Reese

Winning an intra-family claim

  • Our client: Greg Harding's client was the spouse of the deceased. A challenge was made to her ability to change her own will after the death of her husband. 
  • Our Approach: Family tensions were high and a negotiated resolution was proving challenging. This was a circumstance where Greg concluded it was necessary to get the parties to court for a ruling, as effectively and efficiently as possible -- so as to give all parties “their day in court”. 
  • The Result: His client prevailed and especially valued being backstopped by a court ruling to assist her with future family dealings.
University of Alberta, 1982, Bachelor of Laws
University of Alberta, 1979, Bachelor of Arts
Northwest Territories,2011