Barry McGuire
Barry McGuire
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Barry McGuire has over 40 years of experience as a Real Estate lawyer. 

Barry’s practice is focused strictly on real estate, assisting both commercial and individuals in purchasing property. Barry also works with investors looking to purchase rental properties. Barry is one of Alberta’s most experienced lawyers on the creative investing side of real estate. He helps investors from all over Canada buy in Alberta, using strategies such as agreements for sale, rent to own, fix and flip, assignments and joint ventures as they apply to all these creative strategies.

Value to Clients

“In my 45 years of experience, I’ve become truly interested in my clients’ situations, stories and families. I feel that I am approachable, friendly, and can be the comforting voice and presence that calms clients during stressful times.”

Outside the Office

When Barry is not practising law or coaching investors, Barry is an avid gardener, hockey player, family man, bon vivant and maker of delicious jams + jellies.

February 2022 - 2 min read
Are Commercial Tenants Required to Pay Back Missed Rent During COVID-19?
COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses across Canada, and many commercial tenants have faced enormous revenue shortfalls. Some of them are wondering whether COVID and its business destruction are legitimate reasons to not pay rent. Are they?Well folk...
January 12, 2022
Condominium Rentals: A Primer for Unit Owners, Condo Boards and Real Estate Practitioners
Canadian Bar Association
Barry McGuire
Real Estate Industry Insights
I'm taking on new clients. Please consider me and ´╗┐Field Law when you write your next deal. These emails are aimed at giving real estate professionals short, sharp and easily digestible comments on issues that come up frequently. Here ...
November 2021
2021 Reader's Choice Awards
Edmonton Sun + Edmonton Journal
Congratulations to Barry McGuire, who won Gold in the category of Edmonton's Best Real Estate Lawyer in the 2021 Readers' Choice Awards. Since 2014, the Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal have asked their readers to vote for their favourite...
November 2021 - 5 min read
How Long It Takes to Buy a Foreclosed Property
In Canada (and jurisdictions with similar laws), foreclosure is when someone defaults on their mortgage payments, and the lender takes control of the property. Lenders will try to sell the property to recuperate the mortgage money. Foreclosures are reg...
October 30, 2020
Creative Real Estate Deals & AFS Strategies
Mogul Mastermind
June 10, 2020
Condominium Quicksand
Edmonton Real Estate Investors Assoc - ZOOM Series
University of Alberta, 1974, Bachelor of Laws
University of Alberta, 1970, Bachelor of Arts