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Important Professional Regulatory Cases of 2022

Learn about the most important professional regulatory court cases of 2022. What are the key legal trends? What are the strategic and operational implications for regulators?

Presented by James Casey, KC and Katrina Haymond, KC, this popular annual webinar is a comprehensive review of key cases from across Canada that address topics including:

  • Delay in discipline proceedings: the impact on regulators of the Supreme Court’s decision in Law Society of Saskatchewan v. Abrametz 
  • Assessing credibility and preparing reasons
  • New directions on costs in discipline proceedings
  • COVID-19 professional regulation litigation 
  • Obtaining documents from the criminal process for use in discipline proceedings
  • The impact of mental health issues in professional discipline proceedings
  • Discipline for “off-duty” conduct: can professionals be disciplined for spousal abuse?  
  • The challenges of self-represented investigated members 
  • ...and much more!

Jim and Katrina represent regulators in all areas of practice. Jim is the author of the leading textbook, “The Regulation of Professions in Canada”. Katrina is the author of many guides for regulators and is the co-author of “The Annotated Health Professions Act.” 

Who should attend? This webinar is designed for anyone who wants to stay current with the most important legal cases and trends affecting professional regulators including staff at all levels, council members, committee members, and tribunal members.  

Original broadcast: February 7, 2023
Cost: $100

Feedback from 2023 Attendees

"An excellent presentation, very timely and extremely well presented. I think [this was] the best Field presentation I have attended."

"I liked the approach of focusing on a smaller number of prominent decisions in the five areas. The presentation materials are excellent reference information, and as always, both presenters were prepared and spoke very well on their respective areas."

"I appreciated your personal opinions on various topics, decisions, situations. As you indicated, the perspective of balance needs to be foremost."


Check out a preview of the session below:

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