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Alberta Legislative Session Prorogued: Bill 23 Will Die on Order Paper

Professional regulators in Alberta watching Bill 23, the Professional Governance Act should take note that on October 26, the Lieutenant Governor in Council ordered a Proclamation to “prorogue” the current legislative session effective October 30, 2022. This ends the current legislative session without dissolving the current Government.

Bill 23 was scheduled for discussion at a Committee of the Whole on October 31, 2022, so it will die on the Order Paper. This means that Bill 23 will not be enacted into law in this legislative session.  

Bill 23 would represent a major overhaul of professional regulatory legislation in Alberta. It would repeal the governing statutes for 22 professions and replace them with one umbrella statute. It would also introduce considerable government oversight and control over those professions. Field Law has previously reported on the Bill’s most significant provisions here.

A new legislative session will commence on November 29, 2022. The Minister could reintroduce Bill 23 in the new legislative session and move to reinstate it to the same stage where it currently sits. Field Law will continue to monitor Bill 23 and report on significant developments. Contact Gregory Sim or any member of our Professional Regulatory Group if you have questions about Bill 23.