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Understanding + Implementing Bill 46: A Guide for Colleges

Bill 46 represents the most extensive set of amendments to the Health Professions Act (“HPA”) since the legislation came into effect nearly 20 years ago. 

Bill 46 also represents the fourth major reform to the regulation of health professions in the past two years, making the pace of change challenging for regulators. Bill 46 includes a major realignment of the regulatory tools in the HPA, updates and clarifies many provisions of the HPA, and mandates the separation of Colleges from Professional Associations. It is essential that Colleges understand the provisions and begin planning for the implementation of Bill 46, which will be a significant undertaking for every College under the HPA

Presented by James Casey, KC, Katrina Haymond, and Greg Sim, this complimentary webinar summarizes the provisions in Bill 46 and provides Colleges with a checklist of steps needed for implementation. 

Original presentation: Monday, November 23



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