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Privacy for Health Care Organizations: What Has Changed and What Hasn’t?

Health care organizations have had to adapt quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to managing an unknown disease and focusing on patient care, day to day operational life has changed- videoconferencing, fit for work screening, and liability issues have arisen. While the world may have changed, many basic privacy considerations have not- they have only been brought to the forefront.

Join Marc Yu and Kelly Nicholson as they provide a review of privacy issues that have emerged during the pandemic and a refresher of privacy principles that health care organizations and their employees should remain aware of as we transition back to the workplace. Marc and Kelly will address:

  • Privacy issues arising from the pandemic- disclosing COVID-19 status, contact tracing, and telehealth
  • Risk management and best practices for health care organizations- applying existing principles to new environments
  • What if things go wrong- breach notifications, privacy complaints, and legal liability

Original broadcast: July 7, 2020


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