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Registration Issues in Professional Regulation

Professional regulatory organizations are responsible for assessing applications for professional licensing and applying registration requirements in a fair and transparent way. This task is made increasingly difficult by the evolving regulatory and legislative landscape. 

Presented by Gregory Sim and Evie Maldonado of Field Law’s Professional Regulatory Group, this webinar will discuss current issues and challenges that can arise in the registration process, including:

  • The introduction of fair registration practices legislation
  • Impacts of the New West Partnership Trade Agreement and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement on labour mobility
  • Recent developments in good character assessments
  • Challenges in assessing international applicants and foreign qualifications
  • Human rights issues, such as discrimination, in the registration process

Who should attend? This webinar is designed for professional regulators and their committee, board and tribunal members involved in registration decisions, reviews and appeals. 

Original presentation: October 10, 2019

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