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Quantifying Personal Injury + Business Loss Claims with Shawn Hemens

Join Field Law and Shawn Hemens, a Chartered Business Valuator specializing in quantifying personal injury and business loss claims, for a seminar discussing:

  • Identifying the financial documents needed to asses claims where an income loss from a business is being advanced (and/or included within a personal injury claim);
  • Identifying areas to be explored with a Plaintiff regarding the business itself; and
  • Discounting the expected future income losses of a business estimated by the Plaintiff. Business losses are “riskier” than the losses of an hourly/salaried employee and a risk factor or discount should be considered to reflect this.

The presentation will be of interest for those assessing personal injury claims, any type of income loss and/or loss of business value situation.

Date: Tuesday, September 25
Time: 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: Field Law Calgary (400 - 444 7 AVE SW)
Lunch and registration will open at 11:15 AM.

This seminar will be submitted for accreditation.


If you have any questions regarding this seminar, please let us know by contacting