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Field Law Announces Northern Alberta Winners of 2018 Community Fund Program
6th annual public-voting program awards a total of $30,000 to six local organizations

EDMONTON (July 25, 2018) – Field Law, a western and northern regional law firm, has selected six projects as recipients of financial support from the Field Law Community Fund Program (the Program). Community ideas were selected in Southern Alberta, Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. In Northern Alberta, Field Law awarded two grand prizes and four additional prizes.

Field Law’s total contribution in 2018 was $75,000 with $30,000 going to each of the Southern and Northern Alberta markets. Programs within the Northwest Territories were awarded $15,000. The two grand prize winners in the Northern Alberta market are the Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta and NWT and the Bissell Centre.

The 2018 Program received 80 applications and 23,550 votes. Of these, 27 ideas belonged to Northern Alberta and 7,545 votes were cast in support of these organizations. Winners of the Program are decided by a community judging panel and public voting.

Field Law is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2018 Community Fund Program:

Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta and NWT: Minds in Motion® - GRAND PRIZE WINNER - $10,000

Minds in Motion® is a program dedicated to supporting physical and mental stimulation for people with early- to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease, or other types of dementia. This program has a vision of creating “dementia friendly environments” that are supportive to not only those with dementia, but also their care partners. This allows for improved physical and mental health and stronger social networks. Research has shown that regular physical exercise leads to reduction in depression, an increased sense of independence and better quality of life for those living with dementia.

Bissell Centre: Community Kitchen  - GRAND PRIZE WINNER - $8,000

The Bissell Centre annually feeds more than 5,000 individuals who are living in poverty or experiencing homelessness in Edmonton. Expansions to the existing Community Space, which will change the way food is provided, are underway, while the new, educational and fulfilling Community Kitchen Program will teach clients how to make a balanced meal from the ingredients provided in their hampers. The Bissell Centre will also be able to offer in-house Food Safety Certification, which will qualify their clients for more jobs. Funding from Field Law will enable the purchase of food and supplies needed to run these programs. 

University of Alberta Hospital Volunteer Services: Expansion and Enhancement of the UAH Pet Healing Program - $4,000

The UAH Pet Healing Program features 23 dogs serving in 60 hospital units. These dogs visit thousands of patients in hospital every year to enhance their physical, social and emotional well-being, and improve their overall hospital experience. This program offers two major service components. “Pet therapy” is a goal-directed intervention that is planned by healthcare professionals and fulfilled by one of the program’s dogs. “Pet visitation” sessions are requested by staff members for anxious or lonely patients, where dogs can provide a calming influence prior to medical intervention.

Edmonton Gleaners Association: Fight Summer Hunger and Feed Families in Edmonton - $3,000

The Edmonton Gleaners Association, more commonly known as “Edmonton’s Food Bank” is dedicated to providing 5,256 snack packs to children throughout the 2018 summer months. The Food Bank is expanding this program by including a jar of peanut butter with each snack pack. This offering is done with the entire family in mind, understanding that proper nutrition is important for all. Peanut butter is representative of this because it is rich in protein, which is beneficial for skin, muscles, bones and blood. The Edmonton Food Bank wants to promote an appreciation for proper nutrition, regardless of a family’s circumstances.

Cultural Connections Institute - The Learning Exchange: Training for Community Volunteers Teaching English to Newcomers - $2,500

Also known as CCI-LEX, this program has been supporting new Canadians as they build community ties since 2003. The Learning Exchange trains community volunteers to teach English to newcomers and places an emphasis on cultural exchange. This program promotes a newcomers’ seamless integration, while also celebrating their own culture. In the past year, CCI-LEX has developed and refined a training workshop for untrained volunteers looking to teach English to newcomers. These workshops are comprehensive, with lesson outlines that are easy to teach and learn.

DiscoverE: DiscoverE After School and Lunch Clubs Bursaries - $2,500

Founded in Edmonton in 1993, DiscoverE looks to build an appreciation for engineering, science and technology among youth. This program was launched in response to a national concern over the shortage of professionals in these fields. A lack of interest in adolescent years was identified as a primary reason for these shortages. DiscoverE’s school clubs work with schools in Edmonton to give students the opportunity to enjoy science, technology, engineering and math through fun, engaging activities. DiscoverE is looking to expand their scope in response to many requests from schools that cannot afford this program.

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