Northern Canada
Northern Canada
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Field Law has had a presence and has provided legal services in the North since 1990. We remain committed to the development and servicing of all northern clients including: all levels of government, government agencies, municipalities, health authorities, corporations, partnerships and individuals.

Field Law has extensive experience defending and maintaining northern lawsuits arising out of a broad range of legal issues, including:

  • construction issues such as development permits, building permits, inspection issues, occupier’s liability and liability for independent contractors
  • corporate issues such as breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and minority shareholder rights
  • employment issues such as wrongful termination and breach of employment contracts
  • personal issues including malicious prosecution, defamation or slander
  • personal injury and negligence, including motor vehicle cases
  • insurance issues
  • school and professional liability
  • administrative law including judicial review of administrative decisions
  • collection and enforcement of debts