Types of Insurance
Types of Insurance
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With decades of collective experience, Field Law is one of the major insurance firms in Alberta and the NWT for many of North America’s leading insurers.

We manage complex insurance matters including:

We also support our clients in a number of other areas, including:

Bonds + Sureties

We act for sureties, obligees, principals and claimants in various projects involving construction bonds. We have experience representing clients in respect of Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and Labour and Material Payment Bonds, as well as advising on and obtaining Lien Bonds when required.

Additionally, we have knowledge of and familiarity with the available Subcontractor Default Insurance products which are on the market.

We assist sureties, obligees and principals in determining the validity of bond claims, and we also act for claimants making claims against bonds. We assist numerous sureties in seeking recovery from their indemnitors as a result of having to make payments on bond claims. 


We represent some of the industry’s leading insurers on a wide variety of construction-related matters including defending claims and advancing subrogated claims against design and engineering professionals, owners, contractors, and sub-contractors. These matters involve contract disputes, property damage claims, building deficiencies, building envelope issues, professional liability, product liability and surveying errors to name a few.

Our experience spans numerous industries, including commercial, industrial, energy, oil and gas, and residential, ensuring our clients receive expert advice regardless of what their insurance-related construction claim may be. Our familiarity working for various players in the construction industry allows us to approach legal issues from unique perspectives and tailor meaningful and efficient solutions for our clients.

Homeowner + Tenant Insurance

Most homeowners and tenants carry insurance policies to protect against property damage or loss with respect to the contents in their home that may arise in various circumstances, including fire, flood and sewer backup. Such policies typically also cover a homeowner or tenant in situations where an occupier’s liability claim arises, for example if a person is injured while visiting their home. 

Field Law represents insurers and their clients on a variety of insurance matters for homeowners and tenants relating to contents and occupier’s liability claims. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of insurance law, including homeowner and tenant insurance, that allows us to provide efficient service to our clients in defending these claims, as well as providing coverage opinions and pursuing subrogated claims.

Host Liquor Liability

Businesses and individuals often provide alcoholic beverages to employees or guests. What happens when those guests cause harm to a third party while intoxicated? Can a host owe a duty to the victims of their guest’s actions? What about individuals hosting house parties, weddings, or other events where liquor is served? This area of law is referred to as ‘host liability’ and the answer to these questions are by no means straightforward.

Field Law has experience dealing with host liability matters on behalf of employers, businesses, and the insurance companies that represent them. We draw upon our extensive combined experience with all manner of insurance defence issues to ensure that our clients receive excellent legal advice.   

Occupier's Liability

We routinely defend insurance companies and their insurers on residential and commercial occupier’s liability claims. Occupier’s liability claims can arise anytime a person is injured on a property that is under the ownership, possession, control or responsibility of one or more individuals or corporations. We are retained on claims that arise at a number of different locations, often at private residences, retail stores, sporting events, and construction sites. Some of the more common types of claims involve the following:

  • Slips and falls
  • Dog bites
  • Sport-related injuries
  • Incidents involving alcohol consumption

We advise on all issues that arise in occupier’s liability matters including the examination and assessment of applicable coverage, liability exposure (including relative liability among several parties), available defences including voluntary assumption of risk, contributory negligence, the standard of care and whether the duty of care has been satisfied, resulting damages and injuries. 

Property Loss

We represent insurance companies and their insured’s with respect to all manner of property loss and damage. We routinely act as defence counsel and as plaintiff’s counsel when a subrogated claim is required in order to minimize loss. We have experience dealing with damage and loss arising in the commercial, industrial (including oil and gas) and residential contexts resulting from: fires, floods, hail, crop damage, contamination and a myriad of other unique causes. Our wide range of experience allows us to provide responsive efficient work, with a focus on loss minimization and a quick resolution.  

Sports + Events

Field Law represents major insurance clients who provide specialized insurance for sporting activities like golf, adventure tourism, combat sports, and a variety of recreational and competitive team sports. We also have experience in dealing with handling insurance issues arising from: outdoor music festivals, concerts, rodeo and chuckwagon events, fairs, and even large social gatherings.

We recognize that not every policy of insurance is the same. With Sports and Events Insurance, we have experience in dealing with the wide variety of policies that might be engaged including: professional liability, defamation, directors & officers, errors & omissions, motor vehicle, liquor liability, property loss, comprehensive general liability, disability, and others.  

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