Insurance Litigation - Subrogation
Insurance Litigation - Subrogation
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Subrogation is an essential tool in helping insurance companies recover loss payments. Working for many of North America’s leading insurance companies, Field Law regularly pursues subrogated claims on behalf of insurers and their insured. The subject matter of subrogation claims is diverse. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience make us best able to address the challenges of subrogation. We work hard to assist valued clients by helping them benefit from better outcomes with timely and useful analysis, faster cycle times and more cost-effective recovery. 

Our primary focus is to realize the best possible recovery for clients and to use settlement strategies (such as formal offers) to maximize cost recovery from the atā€fault party. We have helped numerous clients bring subrogated claims to recoup various property damage claims ranging from very large fire loss claims to recouping damages to automobiles where the party at fault does not have any insurance. Our lawyers have also assisted numerous clients in defending property damage claims including fire losses, flooding and Rylands v. Fletcher claims. The team at Field Law also provides coverage opinions to clients dealing with subrogation or potential subrogation claims. 

We understand that the length of time that a file remains open is vital to you and we strive to optimize the recovery approach and minimize the recovery time.