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Insurance Services
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With a team of 40 insurance lawyers and decades of collective experience, Field Law is one of the major insurance firms in Alberta and the Northwest Territories for many of North America’s leading insurers. In addition to our core practice dedicated to defending insurance claims, Field Law has extensive experience preparing coverage opinions and pursuing subrogated claims on behalf of multinational and local insurers.

In Western Canada, circumstances can – and often do – change in the blink of an eye. We have a passion for the insurance industry that drives us to help clients mobilize and respond to these frequent changes quickly and effectively. Some of our lawyers have previously worked in-house for insurers. This translates into an understanding of industry trends and operations, billing protocols and reporting practices which helps support our ability to provide collaborative and timely solutions when our clients are most vulnerable.

The longer a file is open, the more likely that the opportunity to seize the ideal, cost-efficient outcome will slip away. We will help you design a creative resolution strategy to minimize cycle time and manage costs, resulting in a better client experience, both for you and your insureds. We have the versatility to assemble the appropriate team of lawyers for sophisticated, high-exposure cases, and those that are less so. Regardless of the case’s complexity or potential exposure, our goal remains the same – explore the most efficient, cost-containment solution available, but when necessary, fight relentlessly to achieve the best result at trial. 

Being a Field Law client includes many benefits and opportunities. We constantly evaluate and advance our technology infrastructure to ensure our clients take advantage of the most cost-efficient approaches to file management. We also provide regular publications, email bulletins and learning seminars that allow you to stay current on trends in insurance law and dispute resolution, plus casual, off-the-clock discussions and firm community events to help us to get to know you and your business better.