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At Field Law, our Tax Practice Group has comprehensive experience relating to many complex tax issues including the start-up, purchase and/or sale of a business, purchase and sale of real estate, export and import of goods and services, GST, and other commodity tax and property tax matters. Field Law’s goal is to ensure the formulation of an ultimate plan for our client that is attractive from a tax, corporate and financial perspective.

Field Law’s Tax Practice Group works with numerous individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and public and private corporations to plan and implement tax-efficient strategies, such as:

  • Identifying the most tax-effective vehicle for conducting a particular business or profession
  • Maximizing benefit from specific preferences in the tax law
  • Planning and implementing corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, dispositions and financings to minimize payment of income tax and GST
  • Capitalizing upon income tax benefits available on international transactions
  • Developing effective deferred compensation plans, employee profit sharing plans and retirement compensation arrangements
  • Providing opinions on qualification of investments for deferred income plans, such as Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRSPs)
  • Applying the intricate resource tax rules to oil and gas transactions
  • Preparing tax opinions for public securities documents
  • Planning to maximize the benefit of family members' marginal tax rates
  • Facilitating orderly succession planning of family enterprises, including appropriate use of trusts and estate freezes
  • Creating and advising non-profit and charitable organizations on fundraising activities and other operations
  • Providing advice to both individuals and corporations about the integration of the Canadian tax system with the tax systems of other countries. We have formulated plans, which are not only effective from a Canadian tax perspective, but also capitalize upon opportunities afforded by tax regimes of other countries and their treaties with Canada. We have a proven network of international contacts to assist us in providing this advice, and frequently liaise with these contacts to remain current on the ever-changing area of international tax
  • Assisting clients who are challenging reassessments by tax authorities, both on appeal to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada) and to the Courts
  • Reviewing the particular facts, researching the relevant law, developing arguments against the assessment and prepare detailed submissions to the tax authorities. In turn, we strive to consistently advocate our client’s position in an objective manner