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Orlagh O'Kelly
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Orlagh is a public law lawyer with extensive experience advising and representing both government and private clients.

At Field Law Orlagh has a largely broad public sector practice, with an emphasis on federal and Indigenous matters. Prior to joining Field, she worked the better part of a decade with the Department of Justice in Ottawa. She has a keen understanding of government, representing and advising the Attorney General, various ministries, federal tribunals and high level clients within the bureaucracy, including assistant deputy ministers.

Orlagh is a confident advocate. She has successfully represented clients before all levels of Court in Ontario and Alberta, the Federal Court trial and appeal divisions, the Tax Court and various federal tribunals, including the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and the Federal Public Service Labour and Employment Relations Tribunal. Orlagh has experience with diverse matters including:

  • Election Law
  • Government Procurement
  • Public and Administrative law
  • Indigenous governance
  • Aboriginal and Treaty claims
  • Labour and Employment Adjudication
  • Constitutional/Charter
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Misfeasance in public office
  • Criminal Defence
  • Refugee and Immigration

Value to Clients

Clients appreciate Orlagh's ability to cut to the heart of legal issues and explain them precisely. She consistently finds pragmatic and collaborative solutions to complex problems and is always driving towards the best outcomes for her clients. In doing so, Orlagh never loses sight of the human dimension to her clients’ problems, especially when confronting government actors.

Outside the Office

(Prior to COVID) Orlagh was always running. Whether it be in the river valley on the weekend, or through the city on her way home, or after her three boys once she gets there. Orlagh is in constant motion. Whenever she does sit down, she plays the harp or piano, but these days she mostly listens to Canada's great homegrown talent. In her previous life, she was a proud member of two varsity swim teams: the University of Toronto (co-captain) and the University of Calgary (national team champions).

Edmonton Bar Association
Canadian Bar Association
Canadian Bar Association, Alberta North Administrative Law
Executive Member
Advocate's Society
Criminal Lawyers Association
Edmonton Community Legal Clinic (Immigration/Civil)
Day Clinic Lawyer
Canadian Bar Association
Co-Chair, Women's Lawyer Forum, Alberta
Canadian Bar Association
Executive Member, Administrative Law/Immigration Law, Alberta
University of Calgary Trial Advocacy Course
Bertrand v. Acho Dene Koe First Nation, 2021 FC 287
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County of Vulcan v. Genesis Reciprocal Insurance Exchange, 2020 ABQB 93
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July 5, 2021
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Alberta-based Non-profit Fights to Hold First Nation Chiefs and Band Councils Accountable
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Cross-Border Workforce Trends in 2020
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"As a former Peace Officer I was subjected to a disciplinary investigation after making several disclosures against senior executives and other Peace Officers. Facing reprisal, it became apparent that I needed a law firm that managed higher profile law enforcement cases, information pertaining to whistleblowers, adjudications, civil litigation, and understood the inner workings of the Federal Government. Upon searching I became familiar with Field Law. 
Working with Orlagh O’Kelly I found she has the depth and expertise I specifically needed. Orlagh took the time to internalize my case and take action to immediately protect my interests. She consulted and weighed options in preparation for court matters and shared critical information with me. I never need to worry if she is prepared. She takes extraordinary steps to help ensure my rights are upheld. I know I am represented to the fullest extent possible. Orlagh takes a 360 approach in managing all the varied facets of my case and it’s not uncommon to receive emails from her on weekends and late in the evening regarding my case. 
To this day Orlagh offers assistance to ensure not only my rights are protected but that I remain healthy during and after this process. It is a human side that helps me and my family through this difficult time. For instance, after being diagnosed with a serious psychological workplace injury, Orlagh continually shared information and resources to help me get medical attention."


University of Toronto, Trinity College, 2007, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
University of Calgary, 2010, Bachelor of Laws