Miranda Sinclair
Miranda Sinclair
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Miranda Sinclair is a Calgary-based lawyer focusing her practice in labour and employment, and immigration representing both businesses and individuals.  

Miranda has experience in both US and Canadian immigration matters, allowing her to assist clients on both sides of the border. Her clients consist of employers, employees and families. In her practice, she has successfully helped individuals and employers move between the US and Canada according to personal and business needs. On the Canadian side, she works with clients to obtain work permits, travel visas, visitor permits and achieve permanent residence. On the US side, she works with clients on green card applications and work permits. She also assists business travelers from all countries entering Canada, the US and in-between.

Miranda has assisted multi-national companies around the world manage their immigration programs, ensure compliance and develop strategies for anticipated policy changes. 

In her labour and employment practice, Miranda works with employers on termination assistance as well as drafting employment agreements and severance agreements. On the employee side, she works on wrongful dismissal claims.

Value to Clients

It is important I truly understand the heart of a client's issue in order to bring them a practical solution to their problem.”    

Outside the Office

In her spare time, Miranda is usually found in the mountains hiking, snowshoeing or skiing. She enjoys trying new restaurants and travelling as often as she can. 

June 2021 - 2 min read
New COVID Legislations. New Protections.
What is Bill 70? Multiple provinces across Canada have implemented legislation to create liability protection against COVID-19 for employers and their workers in health sectors. As of June 17, 2021, Alberta joins these provinces with Bill 70, more comm...
February 24 + March 10
2020 - A Year in Review Webinar Series
Did you miss the Field Law Labour + Employment Group's annual Year in Review? The recordings are now available! Is employer-friendly OHS legislation coming to a worksite near you? What are the impacts of COVID-19 on employment legislation a...
February 2021 - 2 min read
Rising Monetary Awards for Human Rights Breaches
Workwise Newsletter
In one of the more noteworthy trends visible in human rights decisions throughout the last few years, human rights tribunals across the country have been increasing monetary awards to successful complainants – sometimes incrementally, sometimes i...
February 2021 - 1 min read
New Canadian Entry Requirements
Prime Minister Trudeau announced new legal requirements for entry into Canada in an effort to further curb the spread of COVID-19 and protect Canadians.  Cancellation of Flights  As of January 31, 2021, Canadian airlines have agreed to ca...
January 2021 - 2 min read
New Year, New Travel Rules, New US Immigration Policy
Canadian Travel Requirements Travel into Canada continues to be regulated (see our previous post with details) and the monthly extension of restrictions remains without any end in sight. In late December 2020 the federal government announced a new...
November 2020 - 2 min read
The Status of Immigration: Looking Beyond COVID-19
Workwise Newsletter
This year has been tough on the world. All levels of government are consistently implementing new strategies in hopes of counter-balancing the negative effects of COVID-19. In the last month, two major announcements have been made that will affect Albe...
September 2020 - 7 min read
Immigration Update: What Changed Over the Summer?
It comes as no surprise that amidst all of the chaos and changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian and US immigration landscapes changed in many ways over the summer, both big and small. Processing of all types of immigration applicati...
June 2020
Exceptions, Resumptions and Some Restrictions: Canada-US Border Update
With proclamations and Orders-in-Council slowing down to a trickle, we can now take stock and note some trends in the new era of immigration law. While the Canada -US border will remain closed until at least June 21, 2020, Canada continu...
May 2020
COVID-19 Immigration Update
The US Restricts Immigration On April 20, 2020, President Trump tweeted that he would close down immigration in response to COVID-19.  As this was less than descriptive, a Proclamation was issue...
April 2020
Top 10 Immigration Questions Answered
In the current state of the world where travel is essentially non-existent, employers who rely on any foreign workers are lost in a sea of unanswered questions.  Field Law’s Immigration lawyers have many of the same queries and in an effort ...
March 2020
This Just Tweeted… US Immigration Updates based on COVID-19
Whether you saw it as a tweet or during a press conference over the weekend, President Trump announced that all social distancing must continue for Americans for at least another month, if not longer. While this isn’t the first or last update on ...
March 2020
COVID-19 Impact on Immigration and Travel Ban
Less than a month ago, we wrote about business travellers who had their phones arbitrarily searched at the border. Two weeks ago, we wrote about travel insurance for those looking to travel for business or even (gasp) pleasure....
March 20, 2020
COVID-19: Employment + Immigration Do’s and Don’ts
Learn what employers and employees can and can’t do during the pandemic, and how travel restrictions will affect Canadians. Presented by Christin Elawny and Miranda Sinclair this webinar will discuss up to date information on the ever-evolvi...
March 2020
Key Cross-Border Points for Canadians to Consider at this Time
Things are changing every day in the wake of COVID-19. Unanticipated consequences have begun to cause a fury of questions and unknowns.  The below aims to address both the immigration and tax concerns as it relates to those with assets and ties to...
February 2020
Can Border Officers Search Your Phone?
A few months ago, and despite widespread criticism, the Canadian government passed legislation allowing US border officers to conduct warrant-less searches on Canadian soil.  The Pre-Clearance Act implemented a bilateral treaty betw...
February 2020
An Employer’s Guide to Managing the Coronavirus in the Workplace
While the public risk associated with the Coronavirus in Canada is still considered low, employers should prepare antidotes for the various workplaces issues that arise in the wake of large-scale threats to health. Below are some frequently asked quest...
January 2020
When a Door in the US Closes, Another in Canada Opens
Immigration Alert
It is not news to anyone that travelling to the US or obtaining a legal US work permit has been increasingly difficult over the last few years. Under the current administration, there have been extensive procedural and policy-related changes which ofte...
Winter 2020
2019 - A Year in Review Seminar Series
Join the Field Law Labour + Employment Group for our annual seminars featuring legal updates and practical challenges for management and employee groups.Part 1 has been approved for 1.75 CPD hours and Part 2 has been approved for 2.25 CPD hou...
December 2019
Cross-Border Workforce Trends in 2020
Workwise Newsletter
As we approach 2020, employers have increasing options for bringing skilled workers into Canada, while opportunities for employees to head south, to the United States, are increasingly limited. Field Law's Immigration Group projects three trends to...
Federation of Law Societies of Canada, 2016, Certificate of Qualifications
University of Oklahoma College of Law, 2015, Juris Doctor
University of Oklahoma College of Business, 2012, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing