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Dylan Esch
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Dylan Esch is a trial and appeals lawyer helping Alberta-based clients with challenging commercial litigation, mortgage enforcement and insurance defense. He has represented clients before the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Court of Appeal and before a variety of tribunals in all areas of the litigation process.

Dylan’s experience covers a wide range of complex claims including real property issues, commercial lease enforcement corporate commercial disputes and fraud in all contexts. He also handles issues including:

  • Mortgage enforcement
  • Condo bylaw enforcement and fee collection
  • Franchise agreement litigation
  • Contractual disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Debt collection
  • Estate litigation

Dylan’s clients range from financial institutions, insurance companies, creditors and condominium corporations, to land developers and individual homeowners. His professional, practical and efficient approach to litigation is what sets him apart from other lawyers.

Dylan assists a wide variety of banks, private lenders and condominium corporations in navigating the foreclosure process through the courts with a specific focus on shortening the time his clients have to wait between issuing the demand letter or claim and getting full satisfaction of the obligation. This aspect of Dylan’s practice had given him extensive Chambers experience and allowed him to develop a strong relationship with the Masters in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary where his reputation as a well prepared, forthright professional allows him to address matters quickly and efficiently. Dylan is also routinely sought out by landlords to assist with lease enforcement, ensuring that commercial tenants meet their obligations under the lease and if prudent, issuing claims to maximize recovery for his clients who have to deal defaulting tenants. In cases where tenants remove valuable assets in a "midnight move" he will pursue the tenants and their assets to ensure they are held responsible for their obligations under the lease.

Value to Clients

"For me, it’s about helping my clients come to practical solutions and not just recommending "textbook" approaches that may not be right for them. I keep us focused, grounded and realistic even though we may be dealing with stressful and heated issues that can stand in the way of the practical components of case. This allows us to work more efficiently together so that we can move forward in a streamlined way to get the results we want."

No matter what the subject area is, Dylan has earned a reputation for energetically pursuing litigation in a way that is professional and courteous, yet efficient because he knows that for many of his clients, reputational risk must be carefully managed.

Outside the Office

Dylan is fortunate to be part of a growing family and looks forward to the time he is able to spend with his two young daughters and his lovely wife. As a family they enjoy hiking and skiing in the wonderful Parks which surround Calgary.

Canadian Bar Association, Foreclosure Subsection
Pro Bono Canada Amicus Program
Llyod W Gardiner Memorial Prize in Trust
University of Alberta
Jason Long Scholarship
University of Alberta
Pro Bono Canada Amicus Program
Volunteer Lawyer
Kahlon v Cheecham, 2015 ABQB 20, Alberta Court of Queen's Bench
Becker v Canadian Urban Limited, 2015 ABQB 144 (CanLII), Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta

Helping clients resolve business disputes

  • Dylan was brought in by a local family involved in a contentious dispute surrounding the proper interpretation of a joint venture agreement. Dylan’s clients had been wrongfully sued by their former partner for a breach of the agreement. Dylan’s persistent pursuit of the matter, balancing the moving of the litigation forward towards trial where they knew they would be vindicated on the one hand, and working closely with the client to present a fair and reasonable settlement offer on the other, resulted in a favorable resolution which his clients were thrilled with.

Acting fast to save clients from the affects of fraud

  • Dylan was part of a team that assisted a national technology firm who had been the victim of an isolated yet incredibly expensive fraud which saw hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen. Acting under intense time pressures, Dylan and the team issued a claim and obtained an Attachment Order which froze the majority stolen funds in the accounts they had been distributed to, undoing much of the damage that had been done by the rogues.
University of Alberta, 2004, Bachelor of Commerce
University of Alberta, 2009, Bachelor of Laws