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Announcing the 2013 Field Law Community Fund Program Award Winners!
We're pleased to officially announce the Award winners* of the Field Law Community Fund Program for 2013. These outstanding individuals and groups have demonstrated an understanding of the areas of need within each of their communities and, with the funds from the Program, will work to make a difference in each community.

The Field Law Community Fund Program received 83 applications for funding, including those that support at-risk youth, education, homeless, women’s organizations, community sports and arts and culture. Through a combination of community (public) online voting and deliberation by a local judging panel finalists were selected to receive anywhere from $1,000 to the total annual award of $30,000 (depending on the market).

Please find below, the list of Program Award winners in Southern and Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.


  • Lifelong Learning at the Women’s Centre ($10,000 recipient)
  • After School and Weekend Program for At-Risk Aboriginal Girls ($10,000 recipient)
  • FrogskinU Educational Foundation - Swamp Secrets Revealed Workshop ($5,000 recipient)
  • Grow Calgary ($5,000 recipient)


  • "Hood Rush" Sledge Hockey Program ($13,000 recipient)
  • Kokopelli Newcomers' Bursary ($5,000 recipient)
  • Outreach Concerts by Edmonton Downtown Men's Choir ($3,000 recipient)
  • The Crossroads Singers ($3,000 recipient)
  • Elder Abuse and Compulsive Hoarding Support Groups for Seniors ($3,000 recipient)
  • Citizen Action Hall ($2,000 recipient)
  • YEGzema ($1,000 recipient)


  • Sod for Soccer Pitch ($7,000 recipient)
  • Aurora Fiddle Society - Performance Training ($4,000 recipient)
  • Gifted Creative Expression Art Shop ($2,000 recipient)
  • Yellowknife Beavers, Cubs and Scouts – Facility Upgrade ($2,000 recipient)

At least $30,000 will be distributed in 2014 in both Calgary and Edmonton markets and $15,000 in the Yellowknife market for a total of $75,000. Community partnership is a top priority for Field Law. Many members of the Field Law team regularly volunteer and contribute to the community on an individual basis. The Program launched through all three of Field’s offices in Alberta and Northwest Territories and is anticipated to become an annual initiative. To learn more, visit

*Award winners are subject to correctly answering the skill testing question as provided in the Eligibility, Rules and Regulations.