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Navigating the Legal Landscape of Condo Insurance
Presented by The Insurance Institute

Condo Insurance is complex and can cause headaches for brokers, adjusters, underwriters, condo boards and property managers. Learn how to navigate through the legal landscape of condominium insurance. Join Erin Berney as she presents this virtual session for the Insurance Institute on March 24th.  

Some of the topics and learning objectives covered in this session:

  • Condominium bylaws vs legislation - interplay and conflicts 
  • Recent legislative changes
  • Changes in condominium regulations from Jan 2020 – incl. the standard insurable unit.
  • Requirements for deductible chargeback insurance.
  • Sections of the Act/Regulations particular to condominium insurance.
  • Insurance claims litigation, aspects to keep in mind
  • Disputes over what is covered and duty to repair – whose insurance comes first?

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