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Sexual Abuse Amendments to the Health Professions Act and Health Disciplines Act: Implications for Regulators
Professional Regulatory Workshop
On June 1, 2018 regulators received a discussion document from Alberta Health “Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse By Regulated Health Professionals” which outlines potential amendments to the Health Professions Act and Health Disciplines Act this Fall. The amendments being considered are based largely on the sexual abuse provisions in the Ontario Regulated Health Professions Act. The Ontario legislation on sexual abuse has been developed over the past 25 years. It creates an extremely complex regulatory structure for sexual abuse cases with both strengths and weaknesses.
Alberta regulators only have until June 20, 2018 to provide feedback to Alberta Health on the complex regulatory and policy  issues raised by the discussion document. This workshop is designed to provide regulators with a working knowledge of the Ontario legislation and the implications of adopting this regime in Alberta.
Topics to be addressed include:  
  • The transparency provisions- enhanced information on the public register. 
  • The Ontario approach to defining “patient” and addressing sexual relationships with former patients. Does it work? 
  • The definition of sexual abuse.
  • Mandatory cancellation of registration  for certain types of sexual abuse. 
  • Procedural changes for the investigation and hearing of sexual abuse cases. 
  • The  requirement that  a majority of Hearing Tribunal members be public members (the loss of self-governance?).  
  • The obligation to establish a patient relations program (financial and resource implications). 
  • The obligation to establish a College-funded program for therapy and counselling (financial and resource implications). 
  • Mandatory reporting requirements of other health professionals and mandatory self-reporting.
  • How can the legislation be tailored for Alberta so that it advances public protection but is still practical for Colleges to administer? 

Date: Monday, June 11
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: Complimentary

Registration will open at 12:30 PM.

Due to space restrictions, this event is limited to clients of Field Law’s Professional Regulatory Group and each organization will be limited to two registrants.

For event questions or to register, please contact Kate at