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Business on the Brink

Is your business on the brink? Is it time to consider insolvency restructuring, bankruptcy or an orderly wind-down? Alberta businesses are being faced with new challenges at every turn, such as: 

  • Poor economy
  • Higher provincial income taxes
  • Carbon taxes
  • $15 minimum wage
  • New occupational health and safety laws
  • Increased property taxes
  • Federal tax law changes for small business

Presented by Peter CollinsKelly Nicholson, and Doug Nishimura, this one hour webinar (Fieldinar) will provide Alberta business owners with information to consider when winding down a business. 

Restructuring vs. Liquidation

  • When do you need professional insolvency advice: What are the warning signs?
  • What is court supervised restructuring (CCAA/Proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act)?
  • Can the business restructure privately? What is a forbearance agreement?
  • How does a liquidation through a bankruptcy or receivership work?

Employment Issues

  • When and what to communicate to employees: Evaluating liability for severance
  • Managing the mass termination process: What are the company’s obligations under the Employment Standards Code?
  • Strategies for retaining critical employees: How useful are retention agreements?
  • Can directors be held personally liable for unpaid wages?

Business Wind-Down

  • How to minimize liability – both personally and to governments
  • Tips for dealing with landlords and lenders
  • How to prioritize creditor obligations
  • When and how to proceed with corporate dissolution

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Noon - 1 PM MDT
Cost: $60 / registration link


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