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Field Law at CBA West 2017
The Alberta and British Columbia branches of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) are teaming up to present “CBA West 2017”, an exciting new legal conference for lawyers practicing in Western Canada. The conference will take place in Las Vegas from November 17-19. Field Law’s Jim Casey, QC will co-present with the Honourable Marshall Rothstein, QC, on “Recent Developments in Administrative Law in Canada”. Justice Rothstein and Jim Casey will address recent administrative law issues such as:  
  • How the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence on standard of review might evolve
  • Charter challenges in administrative law proceedings
  • Implicit jurisdiction of administrative bodies
  • The rule making authority of administrative bodies and the role of empirical evidence
  • The challenges of self-represented litigants in administrative law proceedings
  • Judicial review of decisions by non-governmental bodies such as churches, social clubs and athletic organizations
The conference will be attended by lawyers from across Western Canada, including Jeremiah Kowalchuk, who is currently Past President of the CBA - Alberta Branch.