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Wayne Logan

Bar Admissions
1985 - Alberta Bar

Practice Areas
Intellectual Property and Technology
Sports and Entertainment


Wayne Logan is our legal artist who chairs the Sports and Entertainment Practice Group. Wayne has assisted international celebrities such as Gordie and Colleen Howe and numerous other members of the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame, a vast array of current NHL Players, Formula - 1 and CART race drivers, TV and radio broadcasters and other local celebrities, Olympic athletes, award winning and New York Times best selling authors, film producers, actors, dancers, a variety of "Idol Contestants" and many musicians throughout North America achieve their career goals with sound legal advice. As a former musician himself, Wayne knows the successes, pitfalls, and consequences of decisions artists make firsthand. Wayne brings to Field Law clients his extensive legal background in intellectual property and business law and the creativity that fuels an artist!


Wayne also practices intellectual property law and has been a registered trade-mark agent for over 20 years. Wayne's own intellectual capital is fuelled by his passion for intellectual property. Wayne's world consists of assisting businesses and international celebrities with a variety of copyright, originality, trade-mark, licensing, publishing, contest, personality, media and advertising issues. Wayne thoroughly understands how to structure intellectual property as a tangible and valuable asset. Clients seeking to capitalize on the many opportunities the web offers benefit from Wayne's background in "Digital Asset Management"; that is identify the "Community of Interest and deliver it worldwide thru Multi Platforms".

Typical clients are any business that seeks to capture and benefit from their expressions of "Curiosity, Imagination, Talent, Genius, Thought and Vision - The Original Six!" He is also in demand as a public speaker.


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